The empire stretches across the worlde map, pink ~ like the blotches on a drunkards face

By Kevin James Donoghue

The Great Book of


An epic dark fantasy set in a medieval world of plots, treason, intrigue, witchcraft and war.

'The empire stretches across the world map, pink ~ like the blotches on a drunkards face.'


A dark fantasy set in a medieval world of plots, treason, intrigue, witchcraft and war.


War rages across the great empire as Templars, Witches, Inquisitors, Wizards, Kings and Murders ~ Clash and plot Intrigues.


A young Sir Thomas Henry Valentine Deveroux spies for the empire, under the guise of being one of the great literary minds of the age but he is is having trouble finishing his latest novel. His mother bullies him, his father has disinherited him, and his lover is a known witch and freethinking woman.


The cultural laws are introduced, the inquisition is in full swing, and the sadistic Witch-Finder General prosecutes all who fall beneath his grasp.


And so begins the hunt for a lost treasure, the fight for liberty, and the

struggle for equality.


The Great Book Of Alchemy

The Work of Gods - Book I of the Alchemy Series

High Fantasy in a Medieval World


The Work of Gods ~ 'It's a great read, entertaining and Donoghue has developed an unusual writing style.  He has take just enough historical fact, inserted a fair degree of humour along with some brilliant plot twists. I love the way each chapter is seen from a different character's viewpoint. It's rapidly becoming a classic and I can't wait for book two to be finished.' Zippy ~ Northern Fantasy League.


More books in the Alchemy series



Whole Heap O' Trouble

[Part I ~ The Adventures of Robyn Nudd]


Robyn Nudd is a smuggler and an apprentice witch. She plies here trade on the canal and waterway networks of England, ranging from Old Father Thames to the great slave port of Bristol, and North of the Gap to the industrial zones and further, to the last castle of Far York.


One morning she awakes at Camden Lock, where she finds a body floating in the canal.


And so begins an adventure, she is chased by the Inquisitors, persecuted by the Cultural Laws, and wanted by the Crown. The Witch-Finder General burns her lover, the Templars chase her across the country, and she is befriended by the strange Ferdinand de Noirfoncé.


An epic high fantasy set in a broken world of plots, high treason, intrigue, murder, war, torture, and witchcraft.





The Rise of Germania

[Part I ~ The Worst Hero]


The Warlord has stolen the greatest treasure that the 5th Worlde has ever known. He flees the Celestial Empire...heading homeward.


Empress Wu is perusing her former lover, who is accompanied by a ragged Holy Man, a Templar Knight, and the Brothers Polo.


In Germania, Old King Henry, the Lion of Bavaria is murdered. His wife, Matilda, The Holy Roman Empress plots to cease the throne and use the might of Bavaria to reclaim her title as the true Queen of England, and of its empire. However, she has not allowed for the ambition of the Head Eunuch and Volker, the chancellor, who intend to usurp the power and rule through the puppet prince.


Milo and his brother Ziggy, are poor Bavarian country boys, fresh from the battle of Bronhöved, they are now caught up in the High Emperor's war, as the Unification of Germania begins.





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Book 2

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The Sagas of the 5th Worlde


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